Virgil Jackson

Resident at Yorktown Manor for 18 years

Virgil Jackson was born on September 14, 1918.  He is 98 years old and has been living at Yorktown Manor for 18 years.  Virgil grew up in Wilkinson, Indiana and was raised for a farm. Virgil has been taken for Countryside bus rides while at Yorktown Manor and loves to see the farm animals and crops, reminding him of his childhood. He spent many years as a factory employee and his love for fixing and tinkering grew and grew in his time there.  

Virgil loves antique cars and has always enjoyed working on vehicles.  He also spent several years in the United States Army and served overseas in the Philippines.  He is the oldest of 3 children in his family and he has one son, Gary, and has 2 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Virgil is always surrounded by family, friends and love and it is such a pleasure to have him with us!