Margot Gindhart’s story is one of thankfulness and how she handles things that came along in her life. Margot was orphaned at the age of four years old. Her Father died in an accident. He was a contractor and fell to his death from a scaffolding while working on a barn roof. Her Mother died of breast cancer and she died 10 days after her husband, leaving Margot as an orphaned child. She was raised by her father’s parents. She had regular schooling and then extra to be a medical secretary. Married and divorced twice she had one child, Paul Gindhart, who passed away at the age of 39 years old of lung cancer in 1995. Her faith has been instrumental in bringing her through the trials of her life which helped her overcome a lot of things. Margot is a member of the Lutheran Church. She really likes her church family. She worked at Marsh supermarkets for 50 years, where she acquired many friends. Two or three of those friends became longtime friends. Something we all hope to acquire. She has lived in the Muncie area all her life. Thankful for what she has had. She has handled things that came and attributes having had a Positive Attitude to continuing through the hard times. Margot said that she is glad to be here and joins in on the activities. She also enjoys the People here. She said that she finds the care here to be good. “They do a good job especially, the activities director. She is creative and tries to touch everyone and she does her best to bring out the best in people.” Margot has been at Yorktown Manor for two years and is President of Resident Council. Margot’s favorite past times are reading on her Kindle, books and doing puzzles. It helps keep her busy.

She has a peace contributed to her faith and states ”I will leave when I am supposed to. Life’s been good, but it hasn’t been easy. Having the right perspective and getting the perspective from others has helped. In our own way we have accomplished something.” Ordinary ups and downs of life. I feel like I have accomplished a lot.  “Perseverance. Being kind to others. Perspective. Positive Attitude."