Dixie Stacey was born on April 16, 1940 in Muncie, Indiana.  Dixie grew up in Muncie and is a tried and true Bearcat, through and through.  She grew up with loving parents and was the oldest child in the family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  Dixie met her husband in Muncie, who was a legendary local country musician.  They raised 3 sons together, Bob, Bob and Don in the Baptist Faith in Muncie and took them tent camping and fishing.

Dixie worked a variety of jobs to help support her family and eventually began bar tending at the Village Inn and Polings Bar.  She did not enjoy getting negative attention from people at the bar but did enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and talk with them. Dixie held her own while tending bar and didn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of her providing for her family. 

While living here at Yorktown Manor, Dixie likes to play Bingo and chat with the other residents.  She enjoys playing cards, coloring and participating in other group activities as well.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves red roses. Dixie brings light and joy to staff and friends in the facility.